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Die belgische Hauptstadt Brüssel ist als Sitz der EU eine der bekanntesten Städte der Welt. Für Touristen ist die Stadt auch wegen ihrer. für NRW multimedial aufbereitet,begleitende Informationen zu Fernseh-​Sendungen und Radio-Programmen sowie zahlreiche Audios und Videos auf Abruf. All the videos you find on this page are free to download for the promotion of Brussels.

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für NRW multimedial aufbereitet,begleitende Informationen zu Fernseh-​Sendungen und Radio-Programmen sowie zahlreiche Audios und Videos auf Abruf. Bei der Videoschalte am Mittwochabend hatte sich Sefcovic mit seinem britischen Gegenüber, Staatsminister Michael Gove, sowie den. Schockierendes Video zeigt Gewalt gegen Polizisten in Brüssel: "Wir brauchen Null-Toleranz-Ansatz". Die Polizeigewerkschaft VSOA.

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Growing Brussel Sprouts in Small Containers [Planting to Harvest]

The exposition 'Mazda Years' will be extended till january Henceforth, when you visit the Museum, Schubladenschränkchen will enjoy a splendid clear view of the Arche du Cinquantenaire Traumurlaub 2021 its park. Autoworld obtained Brussels Health Label To enable the sector to resume its activities under the best possible conditions, the Brussels-Capital Region and visit. To make the organising of your event easier we are happy to offer you an all-in package. Start date. All the videos you find on this page are free to download for the promotion of Brussels. Schockierendes Video zeigt Gewalt gegen Polizisten in Brüssel: "Wir brauchen Null-Toleranz-Ansatz". Die Polizeigewerkschaft VSOA. für NRW multimedial aufbereitet,begleitende Informationen zu Fernseh-​Sendungen und Radio-Programmen sowie zahlreiche Audios und Videos auf Abruf. Bei der Videoschalte am Mittwochabend hatte sich Sefcovic mit seinem britischen Gegenüber, Staatsminister Michael Gove, sowie den.

In , Belgium was divided into 2, municipalities, including the 19 in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The largest municipality in area and population is the City of Brussels, covering The smallest in area is Saint-Josse-ten-Noode , which is only 1.

There is much controversy on the division of 19 municipalities for a highly urbanised region, which is considered as half of one city by most people.

Some politicians mock the "19 baronies" and want to merge the municipalities under one city council and one mayor.

The current municipalities could be transformed into districts with limited responsibilities, similar to the current structure of Antwerp or to structures of other capitals like the boroughs in London or arrondissements in Paris , to keep politics close enough to the citizen.

In early , Molenbeek-Saint-Jean held a reputation as a safe haven for jihadists in relation to the support shown by some residents towards the bombers who carried out the Paris and Brussels attacks.

The Brussels-Capital Region is one of the three federated regions of Belgium, alongside the Walloon Region and the Flemish Region.

Geographically and linguistically, it is a bilingual enclave in the monolingual Flemish Region. Regions are one component of Belgium's institutions; the three communities being the other component.

Brussels' inhabitants deal with either the French Community or the Flemish Community for matters such as culture and education, as well as a Common Community for competencies which do not belong exclusively to either Community, such as healthcare and social welfare.

Since the split of Brabant in , the Brussels Region does not belong to any of the provinces of Belgium , nor is it subdivided into provinces itself.

Remaining is only the governor of Brussels-Capital and some aides, analogously to provinces. Its status is roughly akin to that of a federal district.

The Brussels-Capital Region is governed by a parliament of 89 members 72 French-speaking, 17 Dutch-speaking—parties are organised on a linguistic basis and an eight-member regional cabinet consisting of a minister-president , four ministers and three state secretaries.

By law, the cabinet must comprise two French-speaking and two Dutch-speaking ministers, one Dutch-speaking secretary of state and two French-speaking secretaries of state.

The minister-president does not count against the language quota, but in practice every minister-president has been a bilingual francophone.

The regional parliament can enact ordinances French: ordonnances , Dutch: ordonnanties , which have equal status as a national legislative act. Now, people voting for a Flemish party have to vote separately for 6 directly elected members of the Flemish Parliament.

Before the creation of the Brussels-Capital Region, regional competences in the 19 municipalities were performed by the Brussels Agglomeration.

The Brussels Agglomeration was an administrative division established in This decentralised administrative public body also assumed jurisdiction over areas which, elsewhere in Belgium, were exercised by municipalities or provinces.

The Brussels Agglomeration had a separate legislative council, but the by-laws enacted by it did not have the status of a legislative act.

The only election of the council took place on 21 November The working of the council was subject to many difficulties caused by the linguistic and socio-economic tensions between the two communities.

After the creation of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Brussels Agglomeration was never formally abolished, although it no longer has a purpose.

These two bodies each have an assembly composed of the members of each linguistic group of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region.

They also have a board composed of the ministers and secretaries of state of each linguistic group in the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The French Community Commission has also another capacity: some legislative powers of the French Community have been devolved to the Walloon Region for the French language area of Belgium and to the French Community Commission for the bilingual language area.

Because of this devolution, the French Community Commission can enact decrees , which are legislative acts. A bi-communitarian public authority, the Common Community Commission French: Commission communautaire commune , COCOM, Dutch: Gemeenschappelijke Gemeenschapscommissie , GGC also exists.

Its assembly is composed of the members of the regional parliament, and its board are the ministers—not the secretaries of state—of the region, with the minister-president not having the right to vote.

This commission has two capacities: it is a decentralised administrative public body, responsible for implementing cultural policies of common interest.

It can give subsidies and enact by-laws. In another capacity, it can also enact ordinances, which have equal status as a national legislative act, in the field of the welfare powers of the communities: in the Brussels-Capital Region, both the French Community and the Flemish Community can exercise powers in the field of welfare, but only in regard to institutions that are unilingual for example, a private French-speaking retirement home or the Dutch-speaking hospital of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

The Common Community Commission is responsible for policies aiming directly at private persons or at bilingual institutions for example, the centres for social welfare of the 19 municipalities.

Its ordinances have to be enacted with a majority in both linguistic groups. Failing such a majority, a new vote can be held, where a majority of at least one third in each linguistic group is sufficient.

Brussels has, since World War II , become the administrative centre of many international organisations.

Brussels is third in the number of international conferences it hosts, [83] also becoming one of the largest convention centres in the world.

Brussels serves as de facto capital of the European Union, hosting the major political institutions of the Union. However, meetings of political groups and committee groups are formally given to Brussels, along with a set number of plenary sessions.

Three quarters of Parliament sessions now take place at its Brussels hemicycle. Brussels, along with Luxembourg and Strasbourg, began to host European institutions in , soon becoming the centre of activities, as the Commission and Council based their activities in what has become the European Quarter , in the east of the city.

The concentration and density has caused concern that the presence of the institutions has created a ghetto effect in that part of the city.

The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, commonly known as Eurocontrol, is an international organisation which coordinates and plans air traffic control across European airspace.

The corporation was founded in and has 41 member states. Its headquarters are located in Haren , on the northeast perimeter of the City of Brussels.

The Treaty of Brussels , which was signed on 17 March between Belgium, France , Luxembourg , the Netherlands and the United Kingdom , was a prelude to the establishment of the intergovernmental military alliance which later became the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO.

Several countries also have diplomatic missions to NATO through embassies in Belgium. Since , a number of NATO Summits have been held in Brussels, [94] the most recent taking place in May Brussels is located in one of the most urbanised regions of Europe , between Paris , London , the Rhine-Ruhr Germany , and the Randstad Netherlands.

The Brussels-Capital Region has a population of around 1. In general, the population of Brussels is younger than the national average, and the gap between rich and poor is wider.

Brussels is home to a large number of immigrants. At the last Belgian census in , Brussels has a large concentration of immigrants from other countries, and their children, including many of Moroccan mainly Riffian and Berber and Turkish ancestry, together with French-speaking black Africans from former Belgian colonies , such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo , Rwanda and Burundi.

Among all major migrant groups from outside the EU, a majority of the permanent residents have acquired Belgian nationality. Since the founding of the Kingdom of Belgium in , Brussels has transformed from being almost entirely Dutch-speaking Brabantian dialect to be exact , to being a multilingual city with French specifically Belgian French as the majority language and lingua franca.

This language shift, the Francisation of Brussels , is rooted in the 18th century and accelerated after Belgium became independent and Brussels expanded past its original boundaries.

French-speaking immigration contributed to the Frenchification of Brussels; both Walloons and expatriates from other countries—mainly France—came to Brussels in great numbers.

However, a more important cause for the Frenchification was the language change over several generations from Dutch to French that was carried out by Flemish inhabitants themselves.

The main reason for this was a political, administrative and social pressure, partly based on the low social prestige of the Dutch language in Belgium at the time; this made French the only language of administration, law, politics and education in Belgium, and thus necessary for social mobility.

Halfway through the 20th century, the number of monolingual French-speakers surpassed the number of mostly bilingual Flemish inhabitants.

Only since the s, after the fixation of the Belgian language border , and after the socio-economic development of Flanders was in full effect, could Dutch stem the tide of increasing French use.

Given its Dutch-speaking origins and the role that the City of Brussels plays as capital in a bilingual country, the administration of the entire Brussels-Capital Region is fully bilingual, including its subdivisions and public services.

Nevertheless, some communitarian issues remain. Flemish political parties demanded, for decades, that the Flemish part of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde arrondissement be separated from the Brussels Region which made Halle-Vilvoorde a monolingual Flemish arrondissement.

BHV was divided mid The French-speaking population regards the language border as artificial [] and demands the extension of the bilingual region to at least all six municipalities with language facilities in the surroundings of Brussels.

The original Dutch dialect of Brussels known as Brussels , and also sometimes called Marols is a form of Brabantic the variant of Dutch spoken in the ancient Duchy of Brabant with a significant number of loanwords from French, and still survives among a minority of inhabitants called Brusseleers , many of them quite bi- and multilingual, or educated in French and not writing in Dutch.

Brussels and its suburbs have evolved from a Dutch-dialect-speaking town to a mainly French-speaking town. The ethnic and national self-identification of the inhabitants is quite different along ethnic lines.

For their French-speaking Bruxellois , it can vary from Belgian, Francophone Belgian, Bruxellois like the Memellanders in interwar ethnic censuses in Memel , Walloon for people who migrated from the Walloon Region at an adult age ; for Flemings living in Brussels, it is mainly either Flemish or Brusselaar Dutch for an inhabitant , and often both.

For the Brusseleers , many simply consider themselves as belonging to Brussels. For the many rather recent immigrants from other countries, the identification also includes all the national origins: people tend to call themselves Moroccans or Turks rather than an American-style hyphenated version.

The two largest foreign groups come from two francophone countries: France and Morocco. In recent decades, owing to migration and the city's international role, Brussels is home to a growing number of foreign language speakers.

In , figures cited in the Marnix Plan show that Just 2. The acceptance of English as a language for communication with the city's public servants depends entirely on their knowledge of this language, though they must accept questions in French and Dutch.

The migrant communities, as well as rapidly growing communities of EU-nationals from other member states, speak many languages like French , Turkish , Arabic , Berber , Spanish , Italian , Portuguese , Polish , German , Greek , Romanian , Bulgarian , and increasingly English.

The degree of linguistic integration varies widely within each migrant group. Historically, Brussels has been predominantly Roman Catholic , especially since the expulsion of Protestants in the 16th century.

This is clear from the large number of historical churches in the region, particularly in the City of Brussels. The pre-eminent Catholic cathedral in Brussels is the Cathedral of St.

Gudula , serving as the co-cathedral of the Archdiocese of Mechelen—Brussels. On the northwestern side of the region, the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a Minor Basilica and parish church and the 14th largest church building in the world.

The Church of Our Lady of Laeken holds the tombs of many members of the Belgian royal family , including all the former Belgian monarchs , within the Royal Crypt.

Religion in Brussels-Capital Region []. In reflection of its multicultural makeup, Brussels hosts a variety of religious communities, as well as large numbers of atheists and agnostics.

Minority faiths include Islam , Anglicanism , Eastern Orthodoxy , Judaism , and Buddhism. Recognised religions and laicism enjoy public funding and school courses.

It was once the case that every pupil in an official school from 6 years old to 18 had to choose 2 hours per week of compulsory religion—or laicist—inspired morals.

However, in , the Belgian Constitutional court ruled religious studies could no longer be required in the primary and secondary education system.

Brussels has a large concentration of Muslims , mostly of Moroccan, Turkish, Syrian and Guinean ancestry. Belgium does not collect statistics by ethnic background, so exact figures are unknown.

It was estimated that, in , people of Muslim background living in the Brussels Region numbered , and accounted for The architecture in Brussels is diverse, and spans from the clashing combination of Gothic , Baroque , and Louis XIV styles on the Grand Place to the postmodern buildings of the EU institutions.

Very little medieval architecture is preserved in Brussels. The Brabantine Gothic Cathedral of St. Gudula remains a prominent feature in the skyline of downtown Brussels.

Isolated portions of the first city walls were saved from destruction and can be seen to this day.

One of the only remains of the second walls is the Halle Gate. The Grand Place is the main attraction in the city centre and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since Manneken Pis , a fountain containing a small bronze sculpture of a urinating youth, is a tourist attraction and symbol of the city.

Examples include the Royal Palace , the Church of St. James on Coudenberg , the Palace of the Nation Parliament building , the Academy Palace , the Palace of Charles of Lorraine , the Palace of the Count of Flanders and the Egmont Palace.

Other uniform neoclassical ensembles can be found around Martyrs' Square and Barricades' Square. Some additional landmarks in the centre are the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries , one of the oldest covered shopping arcades in Europe, the Congress Column , the former Brussels Stock Exchange building and the Palace of Justice , designed by Joseph Poelaert , in eclectic style, and reputed to be the largest building constructed in the 19th century.

Also particularly striking are the buildings in the Art Nouveau style, most famously by the Belgian architects Victor Horta , Paul Hankar and Henry Van de Velde.

Former Old England department store by Paul Saintenoy Saint-Cyr House by Gustave Strauven Cauchie House by Paul Cauchie Stoclet Palace by Josef Hoffmann Some religious buildings from the interwar era were also constructed in that style, such as the Church of St.

John the Baptist in Molenbeek and the Church of St. Augustine in Forest. Completed only in , and combining Art Deco with neo-Byzantine elements, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Koekelberg is one of the largest Roman Catholic basilicas by area in the world, and its cupola provides a panoramic view of Brussels and its outskirts.

The architect A. Waterkeyn devoted the building to science. It is now considered a landmark of Brussels.

Since the second half of the 20th century, modern office towers have been built in Brussels Madou Tower , Rogier Tower , Proximus Towers , Finance Tower , the World Trade Center , among others.

There are some thirty towers, mostly concentrated in the city's main business district : the Northern Quarter also called Little Manhattan , near Brussels-North railway station.

Along the North—South connection , is the State Administrative City, an administrative complex in the International Style. Brussels contains over 80 museums.

Museums dedicated to the national history of Belgium include the BELvue Museum , the Royal Museums of Art and History , and the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History.

The Musical Instruments Museum MIM , housed in the Old England building, is part of the Royal Museums of Art and History , and is internationally renowned for its collection of over 8, instruments.

The Brussels Museums Council is an independent body for all the museums in the Brussels-Capital Region, covering around federal, private, municipal, and community museums.

Brussels has had a distinguished artist scene for many years. Brussels is also a capital of the comic strip ; [2] some treasured Belgian characters are Tintin , Lucky Luke , The Smurfs , Spirou , Gaston , Marsupilami , Blake and Mortimer , Boule et Bill and Cubitus see Belgian comics.

Throughout the city, walls are painted with large motifs of comic book characters; these murals taken together are known as Brussels' Comic Book Route.

The Belgian Comic Strip Center combines two artistic leitmotifs of Brussels, being a museum devoted to Belgian comic strips, housed in the former Magasins Waucquez textile department store, designed by Victor Horta in the Art Nouveau style.

Brussels is well known for its performing arts scene, with the Royal Theatre of La Monnaie and the Kaaitheater among the most notable institutions.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts, an international performing arts festival, is organised every year in May in about twenty different cultural houses and theatres throughout the city.

The site was formerly occupied by the Heysel Stadium. Furthermore, the Center for Fine Arts often referred to as BOZAR in French or PSK in Dutch , a multi-purpose centre for theatre, cinema, music, literature and art exhibitions, is home to the National Orchestra of Belgium and to the annual Queen Elisabeth Competition for classical singers and instrumentalists, one of the most challenging and prestigious competitions of the kind.

Studio 4 in Le Flagey cultural centre hosts the Brussels Philharmonic. The Jazz Station in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode is a museum and archive on jazz , and a venue for jazz concerts.

Brussels' identity owes much to its rich folklore and traditions, among the liveliest in the country. Many events are organised or hosted in Brussels throughout the year.

In addition, many festivals animate the Brussels scene. The Iris Festival is the official festival of the Brussels-Capital Region and is held annually in spring.

The Festival of Europe , an open day and activities in and around the institutions of the European Union , is held on 9 May. Heritage Days are organised on the third weekend of September sometimes coinciding with the car-free day and are a good opportunity to discover the wealth of buildings, institutions and real estate in Brussels.

The "Winter Wonders" animate the heart of Brussels in December; these winter activities were launched in Brussels in Brussels is known for its local waffle , its chocolate , its French fries and its numerous types of beers.

The Brussels sprout , which has long been popular in Brussels, and may have originated there, is also named after the city.

The gastronomic offer includes approximately 1, restaurants , and a number of high quality bars. Belgian cuisine is known among connoisseurs as one of the best in Europe.

Also widespread are brasseries , which usually offer a variety of beers and typical national dishes. Belgian cuisine is characterised by the combination of French cuisine with the more hearty Flemish fare.

Notable specialities include Brussels waffles gaufres and mussels usually as moules-frites , served with fries. Pralines were first introduced in , by Jean Neuhaus II, a Belgian chocolatier of Swiss origin, in the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries.

As well as other Belgian beers , the spontaneously fermented lambic style, brewed in and around Brussels, is widely available there and in the nearby Senne valley where the wild yeasts which ferment it have their origin.

Kriek , a cherry lambic, is available in almost every bar or restaurant in Brussels. Brussels is known as the birthplace of the Belgian Endive.

The technique for growing blanched endives was accidentally discovered in the s at the Botanical Garden of Brussels in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode.

The nearby Avenue Louise is lined with high-end fashion stores and boutiques, making it one of the most expensive streets in Belgium. There are shopping centres outside the inner ring: Basilix, Woluwe Shopping Center, Westland Shopping Center, and Docks Bruxsel, which opened in October Sport in Brussels is under the responsibility of the Communities.

The King Baudouin Stadium formerly Heysel Stadium is the largest in the country and home to the national teams in football and rugby union.

Several European club finals have been held at the ground, including the European Cup Final which saw 39 deaths due to hooliganism and structural collapse.

Other important athletics events are the Brussels Marathon and the 20 km of Brussels. Brussels is home to notable cycling races.

The city is the arrival location of the Brussels Cycling Classic , formerly known as Paris—Brussels, which is one of the oldest semi classic bicycle races on the international calendar.

From World War I until the early s, the Six Days of Brussels was organised regularly. In the last decades of the 20th century, the Grand Prix Eddy Merckx was also held in Brussels.

Anderlecht , based in the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium in Anderlecht , is the most successful Belgian football club in the Belgian Pro League , with 34 titles.

Brussels is also home to Union Saint-Gilloise , the most successful Belgian club before World War II, with 11 titles [] The club was founded in Saint-Gilles but is based in nearby Forest , and plays in the Second Division.

White Star Bruxelles is another football club that plays in second division. Racing White Daring Molenbeek , based in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean , and often referred to as RWDM, was a very popular football club until it was dissolved in Since , its reincarnation RWDM47 is back playing in the second division.

Other Brussels clubs that played in the national series over the years were Ixelles SC, Crossing Club de Schaerbeek born from a merger between RCS de Schaerbeek and Crossing Club Molenbeek , Scup Jette, RUS de Laeken, Racing Jet de Bruxelles, AS Auderghem, KV Wosjot Woluwe and FC Ganshoren.

Serving as the centre of administration for Belgium and Europe, Brussels' economy is largely service -oriented. It is dominated by regional and world headquarters of multinationals , by European institutions, by various local and federal administrations, and by related services companies, though it does have a number of notable craft industries, such as the Cantillon Brewery , a lambic brewery founded in Brussels has a robust economy.

The region contributes to one fifth of Belgium's GDP , and its , jobs account for Conversely, only There are approximately 50, businesses in Brussels, of which around 2, are foreign.

This number is constantly increasing and can well explain the role of Brussels in Europe. The city's infrastructure is very favourable in terms of starting up a new business.

House prices have also increased in recent years, especially with the increase of young professionals settling down in Brussels, making it the most expensive city to live in Belgium.

Brussels is rated as the 34th most important financial centre in the world as of , according to the Global Financial Centres Index.

The Brussels Stock Exchange , abbreviated to BSE, now called Euronext Brussels , is part of the European stock exchange Euronext N.

Its benchmark stock market index is the BEL Brussels is a centre of both media and communications in Belgium, with many Belgian television stations, radio stations, newspapers and telephone companies having their headquarters in the region.

Some national newspapers such as Le Soir , La Libre , De Morgen and the news agency Belga are based in or around Brussels. The Belgian postal company Bpost , as well as the telecommunication companies and mobile operators Proximus , Orange Belgium and Telenet are all located there.

As English is spoken widely, [35] [37] several English media organisations operate in Brussels. The most popular of these are the English-language daily news media platform and bi-monthly magazine The Brussels Times and the quarterly magazine and website The Bulletin.

The multilingual pan-European news channel Euronews also maintains an office in Brussels. There are several universities in Brussels. Saint-Louis University, Brussels also known as UCLouvain Saint-Louis — Bruxelles was founded in and is specialised in social and human sciences, with 4, students, and located on two campuses in the City of Brussels and Ixelles.

In addition, the University of Kent's Brussels School of International Studies is a specialised postgraduate school offering advanced international studies.

Also a dozen of university colleges are located in Brussels, including two drama schools, founded in the French-speaking Conservatoire Royal and its Dutch-speaking equivalent, the Koninklijk Conservatorium.

The combined student population of the four European Schools in Brussels is around 10, Brussels has a number of public or private-owned libraries on its territory.

Libraries in Brussels fall under the competence of the Communities and are usually separated between French-speaking and Dutch-speaking institutions, although some are mixed.

Science and technology in Brussels is well developed with the presence of several universities and research institutes. The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences houses the world's largest hall completely dedicated to dinosaurs , with its collection of 30 fossilised Iguanodon skeletons.

Brussels is home to a thriving pharmaceutical and health care industry which includes pioneering biotechnology research.

The health sector employs 70, employees in 30, companies. There are 3, life sciences researchers in the city and two large science parks : Da Vinci Research Park and Erasmus Research Park.

There are five university hospitals , a military hospital and more than 40 general hospitals and specialist clinics. The Brussels-Capital Region is served by several airports, all of which are located outside of the administrative territory of the region.

The most notable are:. The first two are also the main airports of Belgium. Since the 16th century, Brussels has had its own harbour, the port of Brussels.

It has been enlarged throughout the centuries to become the second Belgian inland port. Ships and large barges up to 4, tons can penetrate deep into the country, avoiding break-ups and load transfers between Antwerp and the centre of Brussels, hence reducing the cost for companies using the canal, and thus offering a competitive advantage.

Moreover, the connection of the Willebroek Canal with the Brussels—Charleroi Canal , in the very heart of the capital, creates a north—south link, by means of waterways, between the Netherlands, Flanders and the industrial zone of Hainaut Wallonia.

The importance of river traffic in Brussels makes it possible to avoid the road equivalent of , trucks per year—almost 2, per day—which, in addition to easing traffic problems, represents an estimated carbon dioxide saving of 51, tonnes per year.

The Brussels-Capital Region has three main train stations: Brussels-South , Brussels-Central and Brussels-North , which are also the busiest of the country.

The train rails in Brussels go underground, near the centre, through the North—South connection , with Brussels Central Station also being largely underground.

The tunnel itself is only six tracks wide at its narrowest point, which often causes congestion and delays due to heavy use of the route.

The City of Brussels has minor railway stations at Bockstael , Brussels-Chapel , Brussels-Congres , Brussels-Luxembourg , Brussels-Schuman , Brussels-West , Haren , Haren-South and Simonis.

In the Brussels Region, there are also railways stations at Berchem-Sainte-Agathe , Boitsfort , Boondael , Bordet Evere , Etterbeek , Evere , Forest-East , Forest-South , Jette , Meiser Schaerbeek , Moensberg Uccle , Saint-Job Uccle , Schaarbeek , Uccle-Calevoet , Uccle-Stalle , Vivier d'Oie-Diesdelle Uccle , Merode and Watermael.

It covers the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region and some surface routes extend to the near suburbs in the other regions.

The Brussels metro dates back to , [] but underground lines known as the premetro have been serviced by tramways since It is the only rapid transit system in Belgium Antwerp and Charleroi both having light rail systems.

The network consists of four conventional metro lines and three premetro lines. A comprehensive bus and tram network covers the region.

As of [update] , the Brussels tram system consists of 17 tram lines three of which — lines T3, T4 and T7 — qualify as premetro lines. The Brussels bus network is complementary to the rail network.

On Fridays and Saturdays, 11 bus routes operate from midnight until 3 a. They run from the centre of Brussels to the outer reaches of the Brussels-Capital Region.

A single journey can include multiple stages across the different modes of transport. Since August , paper tickets have been discontinued in favour of electronic MoBIB cards.

In , a public bicycle-sharing programme was introduced. The scheme was subsequently taken over by Villo! Since , this night-time public transport service has been supplemented by Collecto, a shared taxi system, which operates on weekdays between 11 p.

In , the Zen Car electric car-sharing scheme was launched in the university and European areas. The ancient pattern of streets, radiating from the Grand Place , in large part remains, but has been overlaid by boulevards built over the River Senne , over the city walls and over the railway connection between the North and South Stations.

Today, Brussels has the most congested traffic in North America and Europe, according to US traffic information platform INRIX. Brussels is the hub of a range of old national roads, the main ones being clockwise: the N1 N to Breda , N2 E to Maastricht , N3 E to Aachen , N4 SE to Luxembourg N5 S to Rheims , N6 S to Maubeuge , N7 SW to Lille , N8 W to Koksijde and N9 NW to Ostend.

The region is skirted by the European route E19 N-S and the E40 E-W , while the E leads away to the SE. Brussels has an orbital motorway , numbered R0 R-zero and commonly referred to as the Ring.

It is pear-shaped, as the southern side was never built as originally conceived, owing to residents' objections.

The city centre, sometimes known as the Pentagon , is surrounded by an inner ring road, the Small Ring French: Petite Ceinture , Dutch: Kleine Ring , a sequence of boulevards formally numbered R20 or N0.

These were built upon the site of the second set of city walls following their demolition. The metro line 2 runs under much of these.

Since June , a number of central boulevards inside the Pentagon have become car-free, limiting transit traffic through the old city.

On the eastern side of the region, the R21 or Greater Ring French: Grande Ceinture , Dutch: Grote Ring is formed by a string of boulevards that curves round from Laeken to Uccle.

Some premetro stations see Brussels metro were built on that route. A little further out, a stretch numbered R22 leads from Zaventem to Saint-Job.

The Brussels local police , supported by the federal police, is responsible for law enforcement in Brussels. The 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region are divided into six police zones, [] all bilingual French and Dutch :.

The Brussels Fire and Emergency Medical Care Service, commonly known by its acronym SIAMU DBDMH , operates in the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

It has 9 fire stations , spread over the entire Brussels-Capital Region, and employs about 1, professional firefighters. As well as preventing and fighting fires, SIAMU also provides emergency medical care services in Brussels via its centralised number and the single emergency number for the 27 countries of the European Union.

It is bilingual French—Dutch. Brussels is one of the greenest capitals in Europe, with over 8, hectares of green spaces. Many parks and gardens, both public and privately owned, are scattered throughout the city.

In addition to this, the Sonian Forest is located in its southern part and stretches out over the three Belgian regions.

As of [update] , it has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site , the only Belgian component to the multinational inscription ' Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe '.

The Botanical Garden of Brussels. Forest Park. The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. Brussels is twinned with the following cities:.

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For the municipality within it, see City of Brussels. For other places, see Brussels disambiguation. Region of Belgium with 19 municipalities, including Brussels City.

Region of Belgium. A collage with several views of Brussels, Top: View of the Northern Quarter business district, 2nd left: Floral carpet event in the Grand Place , 2nd right: Town Hall and Mont des Arts area, 3rd: Cinquantenaire Park, 4th left: Manneken Pis , 4th middle: St.

Gudula Cathedral , 4th right: Congress Column , Bottom: Royal Palace of Brussels. Capital of Europe, [1] Comic City [2].

See also Other names of Brussels. Historical affiliations. County of Leuven c. Further information: Geography of Belgium.

Main article: List of municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. Flemish Region. Brussels-Capital Region. Walloon Region. Main articles: Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Main articles: French Community Commission and Flemish Community Commission. Main article: Brussels and the European Union.

Brussels and the European Union. The Berlaymont building European Commission. The Europa building European Council. Main article: Eurocontrol. Main article: NATO headquarters.

See also: Francization of Brussels. Dutch and French. French and other language. Neither Dutch nor French. Further information: Religion in Belgium.

Further information: Culture of Belgium. Sgraffito panel in Cauchie House. Further information: Sport in Belgium. Further information: Economy of Belgium.

Further information: Belgian media. Further information: Education in Belgium. Main article: List of libraries in Belgium. Main article: Science and technology in Brussels.

Main article: Transport in Brussels. Further information: List of railway stations in Belgium. Further information: Law enforcement in Belgium.

Main article: List of parks and gardens in Brussels. Brussels' Park. Ixelles Ponds. Sonian Forest. Main article: List of people from Brussels.

See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Belgium. Belgium portal European Union portal. See the section dedicated to this issue.

Retrieved 10 January Le Temps in French. Retrieved 28 May Retrieved 13 August Retrieved 13 September Brussels, Belgium: Belgian House of Representatives.

May Archived from the original PDF on 10 August Retrieved 10 September Article 3: Belgium comprises three Regions: the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region and the Brussels Region.

Article 4: Belgium comprises four linguistic regions: the Dutch-speaking region, the French-speaking region, the bilingual region of Brussels-Capital and the German-speaking region.

Archived from the original on 29 April Retrieved 5 June Since 18 June , the date of the first regional elections, the Brussels-Capital Region has been an autonomous region comparable to the Flemish and Walloon Regions.

All text and all but one graphic show the English name as Brussels-Capital Region. Article The city of Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the seat of the Federal Government.

Brussels, Belgium: Parliament of the French Community. Archived from the original on 15 October Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 1 April Brussels, Belgium: Flemish Parliament.

Retrieved 24 October National Bank of Belgium. Archived from the original on 8 August Retrieved 20 April Archived from the original excel-file on 17 September Retrieved 17 September Population of all municipalities in Belgium on 1 January Retrieved on 18 October Archived from the original PDF on 29 October Retrieved 19 October Definitions of metropolitan areas in Belgium.

The metropolitan area of Brussels is divided into three levels. First, the central agglomeration geoperationaliseerde agglomeratie with 1,, inhabitants , adjusted to municipal borders.

Adding the closest surroundings suburbs, banlieue or buitenwijken gives a total of 1,, And, including the outer commuter zone forensenwoonzone the population is 2,, April Flemish Diamond or ABC-Axis?

The spatial structure of the Belgian metropolitan area. Brussels, Belgium. BBC News. Retrieved 29 June Brussels, capital of Europe. Translated by S.

Brussels: Badeaux. Retrieved 3 August Retrieved 23 June The Guardian. A propos du Benelux in French. Archived from the original on 2 May Brussels Airport Website.

Elites for the Capital? Amsterdam: Thesis Publishers. Brussels francophone? Both and neither! The Brussels Times.

Language use in Brussels and the position of Dutch. Some recent findings PDF. Brussels Studies. Archived from the original PDF on 23 September Retrieved 24 November Contact the team.

Partners Annual reports Tourism barometer Visitors satisfaction Brussels quality academy Tourist Accommodation Studies and analyses Event reports Coronavirus: information sector Support funds Health safety label.

Film Commission Screen Brussels Film Commission. Ohhhhh sorry! Try something else in Brussels. I want more. Contact us.

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Bitte ändern Sie die Konfiguration Ihres Browsers. Compatible browsers for the webcam: Chrome for Android 34+, Chrome for Desktop 34+, Firefox for Android 41+, Firefox for Desktop 42+, IE11+ for Windows +, Edge for Windows 10+, Opera for Desktop, Vivaldi for Desktop, Safari for Mac 8+ (beta), IOS Safari Events at . Welcome to the official website of the tourism and convention bureau of Brussels, capital of Europe and Belgium. Discover our hotels, the Brussels museums and attractions, the Belgian gastronomy and venues for your seminars and congresses. Video. Stop Play. E-desk. Hours. Appointment. Live. Political life. Participate. Jobs. Map. Tomorrow. Coronavirus measures. The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the . Archived from the original PDF on 15 October Retrieved 23 April Brüssel Video The New Gzsz Bewerben Times. Retrieved 7 April Retrieved 29 June Among all major migrant groups from outside the EU, a majority of the permanent residents have acquired Belgian nationality. Georges Picavet. Archived from the original on 26 May The original Dutch dialect of Brussels known as Brusselsand Skudden Schafe sometimes called Marols is a form of Brabantic the variant of Dutch spoken in the ancient Duchy of Brabant with a significant number of loanwords from French, and still survives among a minority of inhabitants called Brusseleersmany of them quite bi- and multilingual, or educated in French and not writing in Dutch. Archived from the original on 2 May Elites for the Capital? Dutch and French.


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