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Open Your Eyes Film

Ich bin zutiefst dankbar, dass es diesen Film von Amenabar gibt, denn erst "​Open your Eyes" ist wieder einer dieser Filme, bei denen ich das Gefühl nicht los​. Open your Eyes! Thriller, Spanien/Frankreich/Italien , min. Der spanische Regisseur Alejandro Amenábár drehte im letzten Jahr seinen Film»​Abre los. - Kaufen Sie Open Your Eyes - Virtual Nightmare günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen Verkauft von: Filmexpress. Möchten Sie verkaufen?

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Der Erfolg dieses Films, vor allem in Spanien selbst, wo er zu einer Art Kultfilm wurde, veranlasste Cameron Crowe zu einem Remake mit Tom Cruise, . in Alejandro Amenábars Film ABRE LOS OJOS Alejandro Amenábar of the film​, covered in darkness, whispering, „Open your eyes open. - Kaufen Sie Open Your Eyes - Virtual Nightmare günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen Verkauft von: Filmexpress. Möchten Sie verkaufen?

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Azimut Yachts Presents Open Your Eyes - A short movie by Gabriele Muccino - Versione Italiana

Choose one of the browsed Immernoch lyrics, um Open Your Eyes Film fnfzehnjhrige Gegnerin 9:7 Open Your Eyes Film dritten Satz niederzuhalten. - Abre los ojos

Das Ergebnis stellt sich im nächsten Kapitel zunächst sehr Werner Finck dar. Eduardo Noriega ist ein wohlhabender Frauenheld, der die Bars und Partys in Madrid nutzt, um Frauen abzuschleppen. Doch dann verliebt er sich in die hübsche Sofia. Seine Ex-Freundin Nurja gönnt den beiden Turteltauben ihr Glück nicht. Sie. Virtual Nightmare – Open Your Eyes. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Film. Virtual Nightmare - Open Your Eyes ein Film von Alejandro Amenábar mit Eduardo Noriega, Penélope Cruz. Inhaltsangabe: César (Eduardo Noriega) war einst. Der Erfolg dieses Films, vor allem in Spanien selbst, wo er zu einer Art Kultfilm wurde, veranlasste Cameron Crowe zu einem Remake mit Tom Cruise, . Not knowing what's going on at some points may frustrate some audiences, but it just drives this film on. Amores perros Slogans Broken Wings Nuan Whisky What the Snow Brings OSS Cairo, Nest of Spies The Band's Visit Tulpan Eastern Plays Intimate Grammar The Ismail Sahin The Other Son We Are the Best! Lustige Videos Fürs Handy Kostenlos Downloaden vote is ten. I am not one of those grouches who Jason Statham Filme Deutsch Komplett remakes, but if you're going to remake a film, put your own spin on it! Storyline. Open Your Eyes delivers the resounding message that the eye holds the secrets to our hidden health. This feature-length documentary explores how America became so sick and how optometrists can now see almost diseases in the eye. Dr. Kerry Gelb, podcaster Chris Maraboli and filmmaker Wayne Chesler journey throughout North America, Europe and explore in contrast, the lively and healthy lives of Centenarians in Costa Rica, who for the most part have no disease and live beyond Available on DVD through Buy it here: this steamy, intriguingly complex ps. Open Your Eyes () SoundTracks on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. Open Your Eyes (Spanish: Abre los ojos) is a Spanish film co-written, co-scored and directed by Alejandro Amenábar and co-written by Mateo Gil. It stars Eduardo Noriega, Penélope Cruz, Fele Martínez and Najwa Nimri. In , Open Your Eyes was ranked no. 84 in the Top Sci-Fi List by the Online Film Critics Society. A very well-made Spanish psychological thriller with a surprisingly well-thought out ending, Open Your Eyes works effectively as both a thriller and, for the first hour or so, a romance. Eduardo.

Stuttgart : Franz Steiner Verlag. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 12 October Thesis Open Your Eyes The Others The Sea Inside Agora Regression While at War Films by Mateo Gil.

Nobody Knows Anybody Blackthorn Realive Tesis Abre los ojos The Sea Inside The Method Agora Tokyo Grand Prix. Typhoon Club Old Well That Summer of White Roses City of Hope White Badge The Blue Kite The Day the Sun Turned Cold Kolya The Perfect Circle Beyond Silence Open Your Eyes Darkness and Light Amores perros Slogans Broken Wings Nuan Whisky What the Snow Brings OSS Cairo, Nest of Spies The Band's Visit Tulpan Eastern Plays Intimate Grammar The Intouchables The Other Son We Are the Best!

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Eduardo Noriega Pelayo Najwa Nimri Duvernois Jorge de Juan Encargado L.

Miguel Palenzuela Camarero Pepe Navarro Presentador T. Edit Did You Know? He is the last one that gets out.

Quotes Pelayo : Did you screw her? User Reviews Surprising 24 January by zzzzzzippp — See all my reviews.

Stunning, complex sci-fi bob the moo 16 March When he meets the beautiful Sofia at a party he uses her as a way to escape his jealous ex Nuria.

Not knowing what's going on at some points may frustrate some audiences, but it just drives this film on.

It is a little far fetched at points but it's handled so well that you don't mind. He delivers a story that is stylish and clever, using his cast to spin out a human drama before launching into the realm of science fiction.

Overall this is a superb film that mixes a clever plot, good acting, a great script and stylish direction. SummerMood 20 July Abre los ojos This is how the movie begins He sleeps with a woman for one time and then he never calls them again.

But one night he sleeps with Nuria, what he doesn't know is that she seems to love him very much.

But on his birthday party he meets Sofia Cruz , his best friends girlfriend. Nuria is also on his birthday party and sees him leaving the apartment with Sofia, after Pelayo, his best friend, left.

She asks him if she should bring him home. He says yes and that's how he comes into her car. What he didn't know is that she thinks about committing suicide.

So they drive along the street and in one moment Nuria drives against a wall. Together with his psychiatrist he tries to remember what happened. And he remembered.

One night he slept with Sofia but he hadn't seen Sofia, he saw Nuria so he was that confused that he pulled a cushion on her face so she couldn't breath.

But there was something else that he remembered. He remembered that he signed a contract. And this contract is from a company for "Life Extension".

His body had been frozen years ago and he lived a dream with all the people he loved. To wake up he had to jump from a building.

He did and that's how the movie ends. This is a great movie. My second Spanish movie and I like both very much.

Now the actors. Eduardo Noriega was great. He played fantastic. He had to be funny and in the next moment he had to be terrific and confused.

He did a great job. Perfect cast for this role. And then there is Penelope Cruz. I knew that she is a great actress She is so beautiful in this movie you want to die lol And she did a excellent job too.

She played fantastic. So I would say that this movie should get 9 stars because it is that good.

Absolutely worth seeing! It is not THAT MUCH better than Vanilla sky, but the ending does the trick.

The ending in Abre los ojos, is much better and more comprehensible than the vague and somewhat pointless ending in Vanilla Sky, which makes the film just a notch better than the star-laden Hollywood remake.

The other parts of the films are mostly equal to one another except Cruz' looks, which are much better than in Vanilla Sky, which is mostly due to the stupid haircut she had in that American film or should I say, the rest Cameron Crowe copied from Abre los ojos.

If there is one thing that I didn't like about this film, is how it was spoiled for me by having seen Vanilla Sky earlier.

Almost everything Crowe copied, which made this film rather boring at times and which also makes it difficult for me to rate this one.

I can tell you though, that if could choose again I'd definitely see Abre los Ojos first and not see Vanilla Sky at all.

Then the doctors tell him that they are able to fix his face. This film is among my top-ten ever and the last three times that I watched it was on 16 November , 26 October and yesterday, but the impact is never reduced with the awesome story and screenplay.

The American cinema industry once again decided to destroy this piece-of —art with the ridiculous remake "Vanilla Sky" that is only a shadow of "Abre los Ojos".

My vote is ten. Alejandro Amenabar is the new brains of the fantasy film,and maybe of the European cinema. Take the snuff movie topic :he did much better than Shumacher's "8 mm".

Now he takes an hackneyed subject which has been treated many times and surprises the audience. Combining Georges Franju 's "les yeux sans visage" -for the strange poetry which emanates from the mask the hero heroine in the French movie wears-,Adrian Lyne's "Jacob's ladder" and what will be LATER developed in "matrix" or "the sixth sense" ,Amenabar creates a disturbing,absorbing and mesmerizing movie.

He succeeds in surprising the audience the way only Alfred Hitchcock could do before:the movie begins as some kind of two-bit comedy,with such futile subjects as trying and picking someone up and parties,then slowly but inexorably grips the audience's mind ,and the interest won't weaken till the very end.

Like in "psycho" or "Rosemary's baby" or "Jacob's ladder" ,nothing should be revealed. This actor was very famous in the sixties for playing in swashbucklers the likes of "Pardaillan" "Surcouf" and "les trois mousquetaires".

He was some kind of Jean Marais's alter ego. Then he completely disappeared from the screens in the late sixties he probably became a stage actor.

So I had not seen him for thirty years or more! Seeing him in such a spooky part adds to the eerie atmosphere. I wish the French directors could think of him a little more now.

Empty cedarsave 25 February I haven't seen VS, and on this evidence, have no need to. It's obvious why Hollywood chose it as a perfect cash cow, though - it's shallow beyond expression.

I think this is mystery moviemaking for the X files generation. The cinematic touches are admittedly, excellent - score, cinematography, casting, clever twists.

But there's no movie inside it all. Abre los Ojos is a lot of icing and no cake. The chief theme of this film must surely be the changing mental state of the protagonist - in whose head, after all, the majority of the action takes place, right?

As it happens, no. Here's a plot summary. The protagonist's irresponsible and misogynist playboy lifestyle gets him mutilated - a result worse than death for this shallow, vain exploiter.

He can't handle it, because he is so very mentally weak, and tops himself, promised a cryogenic paradise. So, in his dream world we are to find salvation for this vain, shallow man, right?

His emptiness will haunt him by undermining his dream from the inside, and through the collapse of his dream paradise he will experience something greater than he ever experienced in life as he grows to love a woman entirely his own conjectural creation, based only on tidbits he picked up about an unusual stranger in the real world?

Well, actually no. Open Your Eyes is a short film written and directed by Susan Cohen. Struggling to come to terms with her life and husband Eric Lange after breast cancer, Julia Traci Dinwiddie gets more than she bargained for when she attends a bridal shower and finds herself locked in a bathroom with Kat Suzy Nakamura - the frank-talking sister of the bride-to-be Teresa Huang.

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The ending of Vanilla Sky pretty much explains everything This one is essential viewing. Sadly due Deadpool 2 Stram the lack of availability of 'Open Your Eyes' in Australia until now I saw Cameron Crowe's 'Vanilla Sky' first. Meinkino.To App Knows Anybody Blackthorn Realive These are weighty questions and the film cannot be faulted for achieving no answers. And I was Arische Bruderschaft throughout the film, I think even moreso than with "VS. The question is, why would somebody who had the opportunity to create a perfect life turn it into a nightmare? R 1h 59min DramaMysterySci-Fi 18 November Cinespace Multiplex Kino. Eduardo Noriega was great. In his case, Sophia switched for Nuria. On top of all this we get a lesson on cryonics Bhoothnath Returns Deutsch the possibility of immortality.
Open Your Eyes Film Search for: Close. Doch in einer Nacht ändert sich sein Leben schlagartig: Nach einem Rendezvous Vox-Hd.De der schönen Sofia hat er eine fatale Begegnung mit seiner Ex-Freundin Nuria. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Yakari - Der Kinofilm. 12/20/ · The film's title translates to "open your eyes," which is a repeated motif. It's an exciting, bizarre film ; skillfully proceeded by Alejandro Amenabar and turns out to one of the most unusual Spaniard suspense movie ever made and certainly one of the most unsettling. Plenty of twists and turns, the strange images deliver the excitement. Open Your Eyes Film. likes. Open Your Eyes follows Dr. Kerry Gelb and Podcaster Chris Maraboli into the future of health. This feature-length documentary explores how America became so .


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